How to Use Luster Dust / Pearl Dust

Luster Dust/Pearl Dust is used to add shimmer to cake and cookie decorations. Like all decorating techniques, using luster dust takes a little trial and error to figure out. It comes in many colors and can be used wet or dry.

Dry Application: Use an artist's brush to apply to a plain or iced cookie that has dried overnight. Gently shake luster dust on a plate or paper towel first so you can work it into your brush without clumping. Dry dust works great to make pink cheeks.

Wet Application: If applying to flooded cookie icing, make sure it has dried overnight. Begin by pouring about 1/4-teaspoon of liquid in a tiny cup. The liquid must be evaporating liquid, like vodka, lemon oil or clear vanilla extract. Do NOT use with water. Luster dust does not mix well with water and will be clumpy and sticky.

Carefully remove the lid from the luster dust. The powder is very fine. Tap a small amount of luster dust in another tiny cup. Then dip an artist's brush (that doesn't shed) into the extract and then into the luster dust. Swirl the brush to incorporate. It is light and some colors float more than others, so stir like crazy to mix. Try out on a paper towel to see if it is too thin or too thick. It should be the consistency of watercolor paint. Keep adding more powder/extract bit by bit until you get the right consistency. Paint the luster dust on decorating items (including icing) that is dry to the touch, to add shimmer and sparkle.

Luster dust can also be added to buttercream frosting to make it shimmer. Add 1-tbls. of the luster dust to the frosting and mix well. Keep adding the luster dust until the desired effect is achieved. Luster dust can also be kneaded into fondant and whipped into royal icing.

Experiment and have fun!