How to use Edible Glitter

Edible Glitter adds sparkle to cookies, candy, cupcakes and desserts. It looks just like glitter, but it's non-metallic and completely edible. To accent special areas or to coat cookies, you can apply glitter to wet royal icing. Edible glitter will dissolve in water and buttercream icing, so we recommend royal icing or confectioner's glaze.

You can make the edible glitter flakes smaller by putting it in a zip lock bag (or between folded parchment paper) and rolling over it with a rolling pin. This increases the sparkle effect.

Use edible glitter with stencils or to highlight a message or border. Brush confectioners glaze on the area where you want the edible glitter to stick. Immediately sprinkle edible glitter on the painted area. Or you can pipe out the design, sprinkle on the glitter and let dry.

Edible Glitter can be kneaded into cookie dough before baking. Just roll out the dough, add a generous amount of the edible glitter and knead into the dough. Roll the dough out again, cut your shapes and bake.

You can also roll the dough out, cut your shapes and then sprinkle the edible glitter on the shapes either before or after you bake. Edible Glitter can withstand temperatures up to 450°F without browning or burning.

Edible Glitter is a decoration for food made out of gum Arabic, water and FDA approved food colors. It is tasteless and has an indefinite shelf life.

Experiment to find your favorite way to use Edible Glitter!