Shortbread Copper Cookie Cutter

Item: 4762

1 inches wide (25mm)
3 inches high (76mm)

3 decorated example images here
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Shortbread Cookie Cutter (Copper) measures about 1 x 3 inches. Use this fluted edge cutter cutter to make fancy cookies or biscuits.

Shortbread Cookie Cutter (Copper) will be 3/4-inch deep and has a convenient handle on top. This cutter will be handcrafted in our Kansas workshop.

Click link to see similar cutter in Tin. The copper cutter is open on top and will be much stronger than the tin cutter.

Shortbread Copper Cookie Cutter

Elegant 100% Copper
Bakery-Level Build Quality
Handmade daily in Kansas (see our recent reviews)
We make 1,612 Cookie Cutter shapes
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Shortbread Copper Cookie Cutter

Shortbread Copper Cookie Cutter

3 decorated example images here
Shortbread Copper Cookie Cutter
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