Parchment Paper (8 sheets)

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Parchment Paper (8 sheets) provides you with a few sheets of parchment paper to try or for small baking projects. Individual sheets are 12 x 16 inches.

Parchment Paper (8 sheets) is oven safe and can be used for many cooking projects. We love it for cookie dough, also great to wrap up tortillas and heat in the microwave! The paper holds in the moisture and the tortillas are delicious. Suitable for use in conventional ovens up to 400 degrees and in the microwave. Not suitable for open flame cooking.

Click link to view a matching size cookie sheet or here for a full roll of Parchment paper.

Parchment Paper (8 sheets)

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Parchment Paper (8 sheets)

Parchment Paper (8 sheets)
Parchment Paper (8 sheets)
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