Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large)

Item: 1634

6-1/2 inches wide (165mm)
4 inches high (102mm)

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Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large) measures approximately 6-1/2 x 4 inches. This Octopus Cookie Cutter has eight arms, five are curled up and three are flowing behind the head. Icing Eyes are an easy way to add personality to octopus cookies. Decorating ideas might also include sanding sugar. Click on link to view a smaller Octopus Cookie Cutter.

Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large) will be made from sturdy, solid copper and will be 1-1/8-inches deep. Handmade copper cookie cutters may vary in size and shape.

Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large)

Elegant 100% Copper
Bakery-Level Build Quality
Handmade daily in Kansas (see our recent reviews)
We make 1,612 Cookie Cutter shapes
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Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large)

Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large)
Octopus Cookie Cutter (Large)
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