Nativity Scene Cookie Cutter Set (Creche)

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Complete the nativity scene setting with a gingerbread cookie creche.

Nativity Scene Cookie Cutter Set (Creche) consists of three cookie cutters. One is the angled end piece, one is a square and the other is a large rectangle. All are 1-1/8 inches deep. You need five cookies to form the creche.

To see detailed instructions, photos and finished size of the Nativity Scene Cookie Cutter Set (Creche) click on the 9 decorated example images under the decorated cookie example.

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    Nativity Scene Cookie Cutter Set (Creche)
    Take chilled dough out of the refrigerator. Place between sheets of parchment paper and roll out to desired thickness. We used our perfect dough rolling pin and the blue 3/16-inch rings and rolled our dough out perfectly, with no lumps or bumps. The thickness of the cookie is up to you, we also tried a thicker one, but we found out the thinner size worked best for our dough.
    Use cookie cutters and cut out your shapes. Bake gingerbread cookies about a minute longer than the recipe calls for, or until the edges start to turn brown. You need a sturdy cookie to build the creche.
    Cut and bake two large rectangle pieces, one square piece and two of the tall angled pieces.
    Rotate the sides of the angled piece when you cut so that you will have each side of the creche.
    The cutter is made special so it will cut on both sides.
    Use one large rectangle for the base of the creche. Center the square
    back piece and stick it to the base with stiff royal icing. If you don't plan to eat you can use hot glue.
    Next, stick the angled side pieces in place and let dry. Make sure the sides angle up in the front.
    If needed, you can use boxes or cans to hold your creation in place until it drys.
    Attach the roof.
    Assembled and ready to decorate.
    Add straw to roof with royal icing and let dangle.
    Finished gingerbread cookie creche measures about 6-inches wide, 4 inches deep
    and 6-1/2 inches tall and smells wonderful! This creche was designed to go with our Nativity Cutter Sets.
    Photo compliments of Dani Boglivi-Fiori from
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