Icing (Frosting)

Icing (Frosting)
We carry different forms of Icing:
  • Wilton Cookie Icing comes in a squeeze bottle with an outlining tip. The cap reseals. The icing dries hard and smooth. We carry several different colors.
  • Royal Icing Mix comes in a powdered form and needs only water and flavoring to create an icing to color. It dries to a smooth and glossy hard finish.
  • Wilton Icing Writer is a ready to use icing fondant. Squeeze on colorful flowers, swirls, names and messages. Icing dries to a smooth, satin finish. Choose from several colors.
  • Wilton Tube Icing can be used on cookies that will be eaten right away. Cookies cannot be stacked or bagged if this icing is used.
  • Cookie or Candy Writers are white chocolate coating in a tube. Warm tube in microwave or hot water, snip off the end and decorate. It is available in several colors and dries hard.
  • Write-on Gel is an easy way to add details to cookies and cakes. It is clear and is used as a "glue" to attach decorative sprinkles or lay-ons.
  • Use our Drizzle Icing to drizzle on your cookies, brownies or cupcakes. It will give a special taste to your homemade creations. Icing dries smooth.
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