Easels for Cookies, Box of 12 (5-inch)

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Clear plastic Easels for Cookies, box of 12 (5-inch) provide a great way to display larger decorated cookies. Displayed cookies can be decorated with names of monograms for dinner place settings. Use them at showers, receptions, banquets, trade and food shows and birthday parties.

Easels for Cookies (5-inch) are 5-inches tall and easily open (no assembly). These 5-inch easels will hold a cookie that measures approximately 3 to 7-inches across the bottom. Easels can also be used to display cards or photos. Click here to see our smaller 3-inch Cookie Easel.

Easels are ordered by the box. There are 12 easels in each box.

Easels for Cookies, Box of 12 (5-inch)

Did you know? We make 1,612 Copper Cookie Cutter shapes
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Easels for Cookies, Box of 12 (5-inch)

Easels for Cookies, Box of 12 (5-inch)
Easels for Cookies, Box of 12 (5-inch)
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