Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale)

Item: 2012

4 inches wide (102mm)
3-3/4 inches high (95mm)

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Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale) measures 4 x 3-3/4 inches. The Airedale is a terrier breed originating from England and bred to hunt otters. Their coat color is either a black saddle, with a tan head, ears and legs; or a dark grizzle saddle (black mixed with gray and white).

Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale) will be 1-1/8 inches deep after one side of the copper is tightly folded over for safety and stability. Our sturdy, copper cookie cutters are shaped by hand and soldered together for a permanent old fashioned hold. Handmade copper cookie cutters may vary in size and shape.

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Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale)

Elegant 100% Copper
Bakery-Level Build Quality
Handmade daily in Kansas (see our recent reviews)
We make 1,612 Cookie Cutter shapes
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Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale)

Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale)
Dog Cookie Cutter (Airedale)
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