Decorating Tip, Wilton 1M

Item: 5190

Decorating Tip, Wilton 1M is great to use when applying buttercream icing to cupcakes. Use it to make BIG, fat, delicious swirls!

This tip will not fit on a standard size coupler. Please click on photo for explanation on how to use.

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Decorating Tip, Wilton 1M
You don't have to have a coupler to use this large decorating tip. Slip decorating tip inside pastry bag. Use scissors and trim the tip of the bag to fit. Squeeze large tip through the opening as tightly as possible. Fold down sides of pastry bag and fill with buttercream icing.
Fasten open end of pastry bag with icing bag ties or rubber bands.
The cupcake and plate are decorated with Spring Nonpareils Sprinkles.
The cupcake is decorated with Pearl White Sugar Candy Beads. The sugar beads taste a little like sweet tarts.
The hearts placed on the beautiful swirled icing is our Jumbo Hearts Sprinkles by Wilton and click here to find the Pink Heart Candy Sprinkles that are on the plate.
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