Candy Cane Cookie Cutters

Candy Canes has different sizes of Candy Cane Cookie Cutters and we even have Candy Cane with a Bow Cookie Cutters in 3 different sizes.

Candy Canes originated over 350 years ago. Candy makers were making Sugar Sticks and they were straight and completely white in color. The first historical reference goes back to 1670. The choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany bent the sugar sticks into canes to represent a shepherd's staff.

The first historical reference to the Candy Cane being in America goes back to 1847. A German immigrant in Wooster, Ohio decorated the Christmas Tree with Candy Canes.

The red and white striped Candy Canes appeared about 50 years later. Now they are any color we want to make them. Start a tradition and decorate Candy Cane Cookies to treat your family and guests.
Price: $29.58
Price: $2.48