Ateco #849 Star Decorating Tip for Cupcakes

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Ateco #849 Star Decorating Tip for Cupcakes has a big star opening that makes decorating cupcakes fast and easy. Closed star tip 849 can also be used to pipe meringues.

This tip will not fit on a standard size coupler. Please click on photo for explanation on how to use without a coupler or use a medium coupler if you have one. Made from Nickel Plated Steel, not dishwasher safe.

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Ateco #849 Star Decorating Tip for Cupcakes
You don't have to have a coupler to use this large decorating tip. Slip decorating tip inside pastry bag. Use scissors and trim the tip of the bag to fit. Squeeze large tip through the opening as tightly as possible. Fold down sides of pastry bag and fill with buttercream icing.
Note from Beth: "I loved using this big closed star tip for cupcake decorating. Basically all you have to do is squeeze and the icing comes out looking like this. I didn't even practice, but I tried squeezing differently and layering, but basically they all looked about the same. Loved it!"
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